We've frequently been asked to enable colour coding for shifts and we're delighted to let you know this feature is now available. 

We know, as a busy manager or supervisor, you want to be able to see at a glance that all your critical shifts are covered each day.

We have designed this feature to be super versatile allowing you complete freedom to use your own criteria for highlighting any shift using our colour coding function. 

You may want to highlight an opening shift, or a shift with cashing-up responsibility or even a shift indicating a first aider is on duty.

We simply create the tools  - you set the rules.

Select Colour

When creating a new shift or editing an existing one, simply select the colour option within the shift modal and choose your colour.

You'll notice the shift background is now white with a colour bar on the bottom border, and the default shift colour is grey.  This makes the interface a little cleaner and allows for more colours to be added. (e.g. colour background for the role which is coming soon).

Copy colour coded shifts

If you have assigned a colour to a regular shift, one that you re-use daily.  No need to worry. when you copy and paste that shift the colour will be included in the newly created shift.  

For more on copy and paste shifts check out our article on Copy & Paste Regular Shifts.

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If you have any questions about this feature or any recommended improvements, please drop us a line!  - email me at ciaran.lynch@giggrafter.com

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