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About Gig Grafter

Learn more about our team, company, products and services.

Getting started with Gig Grafter's online rota software

Getting started with Scheduler - Gig Grafter's Online Rota Platform

Create, Manage & Publish Your Rotas

Here we provide a collection of easy-to-follow tutorials and articles to help you create, manage and publish fast and flexible staff rotas with GigGrafter.

Manage Users

Assigning access and roles to managers and employees

Gig Grafter for Employees

Employee's guide to using Gig Grafter

Holiday Management

This collection describes how to enable this feature, how staff can submit requests and managers receive and manage requests.

Punch Clock & Time and Attendance Service

Simple versatile time and attendance. All you need is a tablet.

Payroll Reconciliation and Export

Learn how to approve timesheets and prepare payroll

Payroll Projections, Rota Budgets & Costs
Productivity and Performance Reports
Rota Planning - Helpful guides to Improve productivity and control costs

We are collating a set of articles and videos to help you get best value out of our rota software.

Data Deletion

Learn how you can request your data's removal from our systems.