I am delighted to let you know that Automated Holiday Pay Costings are now available as part of our ongoing improvements to our Rota Budgeting feature. 

We are very aware at Gig Grafter that managing wage costs is a critical element in ensuring that businesses can be competitive and profitable, whilst providing excellent customer experiences.  

The release of this new feature will ensure much greater accuracy in your payroll projections, allowing you to budget more effectively. 

In this article we explain the key elements of how this feature works.  

  1. How It Works

When an employee is on annual leave our rota software will now calculate their projected weekly holiday pay entitlement based on the average weekly hours the employee has been scheduled to work over the previous 12 weeks rota history.  This being in line with current HMRC guidelines.

If you are a new business to the service and you do not have a 12-week rota history, our rota software will simply calculate the average weekly hours from the weeks available.

e.g. If an employee works an average of 20 hours per week and is paid a gross hourly rate of £10 per hour, our rota software will calculate their weekly holiday pay at £200.   The software will also assign a daily cost on a pro-rata basis against each day the employee is on paid leave.

2. Holiday Pay for a Single Day Paid Annual Leave

If an employee is taking a single day off on paid annual leave, our rota software will calculate holiday pay for that day based on that employees average daily working hours over the preceding 12-week period (or available weeks) .

e.g. If an employee works an average 20 hours per week across 2 x 10-hour shifts each week, our rota software will assign 10 hours of holiday pay for that single day off.

3.  Holiday Pay for a Part Day Paid Annual Leave  

If an employee is taking part of a day off, our rota software will calculate holiday pay as the difference in hours between the start time and the end time, provided it does not exceed the employees average daily working hours.


4.  Holiday Pay for Employees Assigned to Two or More Rotas 

In circumstances where an employee ordinarily works across more than one rota, holiday pay costs are assigned to each rota in proportion to the average hours the employee works on each rota.

We do this to ensure that rota costs and budgets are as accurate as possible.

We hope that you find this feature helpful in setting your budgets and managing costs.

As ever, if you have any queries or comments, please feel free to contact us by email, chat or call.

- Ciaran 

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