GigGrafter's Online Rota software enables you to assign a budget to each of your rotas and provides instant alerts to the scheduler when the rota budget is exceeded.  

This feature empowers managers and schedulers to design and develop weekly staff rotas that are both affordable and efficient and can contribute to the success and profitability of your business.

Here's some step by step instructions to help you get the best out of Rota Budgets with GigGrafter:

1. Assign Rota Budget

You can assign a budget to your Rota when you create a Rota for the first time.  Simply add a budget value in the relevant box. 

2. Edit Rota Budget

You can also add or change the budget of an existing rota at any time by editing the rota .

3. Tracking Wage Costs

Each time you assign a shift to an employee the system automatically calculates the projected cost of the shift and adds it to both the daily and weekly totals.  These projected costs include paid annual leave costs and local social insurances (e.g. NIC (UK) or PRSI (Ireland).

Please Note:  To calculate the projected costs of a shift the employee will need to have either an hourly rate or annual salary in the system.

4. Budget Alerts

Once the wage costs of the rota exceed the budget, the system alerts the scheduler who can modify the rota to bring it back under budget.

If you have any questions about this feature or any recommended improvements, please drop us a line!  - email me at

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