GigGrafter enables you to create unique rotas for different locations, events or activities making complex scheduling simple and easy to do across your organisation.

Using our multiple rota functionality you can:

  • Assign budgets and track wage costs for each cost centre
  • Assign staff to more than one rota with the system preventing and alerting you to shift conflicts 
  • Managers can share staff and collaborate on rota planning across the organisation
  • Each rota can be published independently even when other rotas are still in draft

Here's some step by step instructions to help you get the best out of this feature:

1.  To add a new Rota, simply click on the name of your current rota in the "Rota View" to activate the drop-down rota picker, and select “Add New Rota”.

2.  Complete the Create Rota Form, assigning the new rota a unique name and start date. You can also optionally assign a budget for the rota at this stage.

If you haven’t finalised a budget yet, simply skip this step, as you can always assign a budget at a later stage by editing your rota.

3.  Finally assign employees to your rota and start scheduling.

! Quick Tip - Managing Shift Conflicts

If a manager attempts to assign a shift to an employee who is already scheduled at that time on another rota, the system will prevent the double booking and alert the manager that there is a shift conflict.

If you have any questions about this feature or any recommended improvements, please drop us a line!  - email me at

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