Rota templates are a versatile and handy tool for creating quick and easy staff rotas in minutes.

Selecting the right rota template to meet the anticipated needs of your business for the week ahead often means that you are most likely to have the right staff, with the right skills, in the right places to ensure that your week progresses smoothly and efficiently.

But creating bespoke templates can be time consuming, and as with all things in business, its impossible to anticipate every eventuality, so even the best planned templates will need a little tweaking.

At GigGrafter we believe that the best rota templates are often the rotas you have already used for a similar week previously – so why reinvent the wheel?

Our solution is simple: 

  1. Make every week a rota template. 
  2. Let the Scheduler Select, Copy and Paste the Rota from one they have already created.
  3. Simply make whatever small changes required and publish.

Here's some step by step instructions on how to get the best out of Rota Templates with GigGrafter:

1. Select the week to be scheduled.Please note, this rota must be blank.

2. Click on "Copy Shifts From Another Rota".

3. Using the date picker to select the week you would like to copy (it can be a past or future rota).

4. Choose whether you want to copy just the "shifts" or "shifts and placements."

! Quick Tip - Copy Shifts and Placements

This is the quickest way to create your next rota and is ideal if most of your staff will be working the same shifts as the rota to be copied.

Any small changes can be handled quickly by simply reassigning shifts from one staff member to another using our simple drag and drop feature.

If you have any questions about this feature or any recommended improvements, please drop us a line!  - email me at

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